We offer different surface sampling kits depending on the number of samples to be made. All our kits contain the necessary equipment to carry out the sampling quickly and safely. The procedure has been simplified so that all health actors can easily achieve it. The sending of the kit and the return of samples in express with monitoring of the cold chain are included in our service.

Each analysis includes the detection and quantification of 23 anti-cancer molecules among the most used in hospital pharmacy: 5-fluorouracil, busulfan, cyclophosphamide, cytarabine, dacarbazine, daunorubicin, docetaxel, doxorubicin, epirubicin; etoposide, etoposide phosphate, fludarabine phosphate, ganciclovir, gemcitabine, idarubicin, ifosfamide, irinotecan, methotrexate, paclitaxel, pemetrexed, raltitrexed, topotecan, vincristine.

Within 3 to 4 weeks after the return of your samples to our laboratory, an analysis report will be sent to you by email. The results are expressed in quantity (ng) per wipe for each sample.


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